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The Nail Hub Podcast

May 29, 2016

In this episode I cover the economics of minimum wage and how there are unintended consequences in the governmental regulations that are pushed on small businesses.

May 22, 2016

Beauty professionals are sued every day for the simplest accidents and unintentional fowl-ups.  We have all worked so hard to learn, graduate, start our careers and grow grow grow, but what are we doing to protect all this hard work?  How to we ensure the protection we choose is the right choice?

Apr 24, 2016

Protecting your business couldn't be more important.  We all need to safeguard our successes and ensure our hard work doesn't get wasted by a simple accident.  In this episode Nanci Soltani of Fandango Salon shares her amazing and eye-opening story.

Apr 17, 2016

Professional nail companies are reaching out the the general public to grow and promote their products.  What does this mean for us professional nail techs?

Apr 11, 2016

We are not lowly nail techs who can blame our ignorance on our vocations.  If we want to be treated like businessmen and women then we need to start acting like it.  Here are my key success factors that you should be addressing in your individual businesses.  You CAN take your business to the next level if you focus...